Wales' 1000 Best Heritage Sites

Wales' 1000 Best Heritage Sites

Whores, Harlots & Wanton Women

Whores, Harlots & Wanton Women

The Welsh Cook Book

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Publication Date15th September 2014

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Quintessential Welsh recipes from masters of the craft. Drawn from several sources such as the Welsh Recipes (1910) and How to Cook Well and True (1905), and illustrated throughout in full colour.
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Welsh cooking traditions go back centuries. Beef and dairy cattle are raised widely. Sheep farming is extensive in the country and lamb is the meat traditionally associated with Welsh cooking, particularly in dishes such as roast lamb with fresh mint sauce. The leek, as something of the nation’s ‘national’ vegetable, also features prominently. Welsh cooking often includes seafood, especially close to the coast, where fishing culture is strong and fisheries are common.

In this, the quintessential Welsh cook book, the Right Honorable Lady Llanover, following a meeting with ‘the Welsh hermit of the Cell of St Gover’, explores traditional Welsh cuisine from the turn of the century, with an excellent range of homemade recipes such as South Wales Salmon, Welsh Mutton Chops, Welsh Leek Broth and Welsh Cakes.

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