Women of the Vatican

Women of the Vatican

A Flight of Figureheads

A Flight of Figureheads


An Illustrated History

Publication Date15th March 2020

Book FormatPaperback





Explore a lavishly illustrated history on lawnmowers from one of Britain's leading lawnmower authorities.
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This concise book follows the journey of this quintessentially great British invention, often thought never worthy of a picture, and celebrates the mundane with its fascinating history, aided by unique pictures rarely seen before. From lawnmowers that manicured the gardens of great palaces to those that groomed the hallowed turf of Wembley, Wimbledon and golf courses and cricket grounds around the world, this book features a variety of machines and their stories. Also included are significant examples such as the first lawnmower and the fastest, as well as some ‘Lawnmowers of the Rich and Famous.’

This unique book follows the story from before the invention of animal-powered grass cutting machinery and the internal combustion engine up to the present-day robot mowers and into the future.

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