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Hitler's Aristocrats

Illustrated Tales of Kent

Series: Illustrated Tales of ...

Publication Date15th July 2023

Book FormatPaperback





An illustrated collection of surprising, intriguing and curious stories, myths and legends from the county of Kent.
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From the wooded depths of the Wealden Forest to the fortified cliffs of the Channel coast and from the high hills of the North Downs, to the wide flats of the Romney Marsh, Kent is a county of contrast and variety. Little wonder, then, that it is a place rich with folklore and custom, steeped in legend and superstition. Whether writers and artists, pioneers and adventurers, or royals and revolutionaries, the inhabitants of Kent present a vibrant cast of heroes and villains, whilst the county’s natural landscape and plethora of quiet villages, bustling towns, stately homes and royal residences provide the stories’ unique and colourful settings.

In this book, local author Naomi Dickins brings together a collection of strange, intriguing and fascinating tales from the county. Discover more about the origins of Kent place names and learn about the Kentish customs of hoodening and yowling; follow a gang of smugglers or march with a band of revolutionaries; find out where witches were tried and where a native American princess is buried; follow an ancient pilgrims’ path or visit England’s most haunted village.

Illustrated throughout, this book will appeal to residents, visitors and all those with connections to Kent.

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