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Hail Caledonia

Heath Robinson At Leisure

Heath Robinson At Leisure

Hampstead Heath from the Thomas Barratt Collection

Publication Date15th May 2014

Book FormatPaperback





A unique and charming look at the history of Hampstead Heath, from the original collection of Thomas Barratt.
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Thomas J. Barratt was known in the late nineteenth century as both a maverick and a visionary. Under his leadership, Pears Soap became a household name, and his innovative promotional methods led to him being called 'the father of modern advertising'. However, less well-known is his passion for local history and conservation. The author of a three volume History of Hampstead, Barratt was keen to document the story of his beloved North London home. To complement his written history, Barratt took a series of beautiful photographs of Hampstead Heath and the surrounding area. Unpublished until now, these photographs reveal much about the past life of this historic open space and its importance to London residents through the ages. Join Michael Hammerson in exploring the rich past and present of one of London's most famous open spaces.

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