Women in Medieval England

Women in Medieval England

The Mental Vaccine for Covid-19

The Mental Vaccine for Covid-19

England in the Age of Dickens


Publication Date15th October 2021

Book FormatHardback





Life, Society, Family, Economy, and Politics in early and mid-Victorian England mediated through the life and writings of arguably the nation's greatest novelist.
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Beginning with an overview of the age of Dickens, Professor Jeremy Black guides the reader through the biography and writings of the great man to show how his work not only expressed his experience of Victorian England, but also defined it, for his contemporaries and for generations to come.

In some ways for us, Victorian England simply is Dickens’ England. Professor Black considers London as the centre of all but also examines Dickens’ effect on concepts of gender and social structure. Then there is government – from the Circumlocution Office to Britain as the supreme imperial power. There is also a valuable account of Dickens’ relationship with America.

Dickens describes a culture – popular, middle and élite - and at the same time creates one. It takes a historian of Professor Black’s standing to differentiate between the two and show how they inter-react.

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