The Other Kaisers

The Other Kaisers

The Oxenholme Hounds

The Oxenholme Hounds

Owain Glyndwr

The Story of the Last Prince of Wales

Publication Date15th November 2013

Book FormatPaperback





The first ever full-scale biography of the last native Prince of Wales who fought to maintain an independent Wales.
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If it had not been for Owain Glyndwr's 15-year struggle against overwhelming odds, the Welsh would not have survived as Europe's oldest nation. His war is the defining era in the history of Wales. Yet Glyndwr is hardly known - a cultured, literate warrior who was never betrayed or captured and vanished into history. No less than six separate invasions were beaten back by Glyndwr's army of volunteers before he disappeared, his family and children either dead or imprisoned for life. Not for Glyndwr the brutal public death of Braveheart, nor a grave to desecrate - only an immortal legacy of hope and freedom. His war of independence led the way for the success of another mab darogan (son of prophecy) seven decades later, when a Welsh army won at Bosworth Field and the Tudor dynasty was founded. This book tells us how Glyndwr came to stir Wales into war, and why his name still resonates today as one of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen.

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