Entente Imperial

Entente Imperial

Queen Victoria and The Romanovs

Queen Victoria and The Romanovs

Pastimes and Pleasures in the Time of Jane Austen

Publication Date15th January 2022

Book FormatPaperback





A lavishly illustrated and engaging look at the social activities, games and hobbies during the Regency period in the time of Jane Austen.
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Just as the fashions of Jane Austen’s era define it as a unique moment in history, so do the pleasures and pastimes. Each occasion and activity brought the pleasure of choosing a new outfit, and the choice on offer to young men and women was, at the time, unparalleled.

Showcasing the styles and fashion of the period, Sarah Jane Downing touches on a variety of themes including pleasure destinations such as parks and zoos, cultural activities such as the theatre, romantic pastimes such as dances held in spectacular settings, and many more.

We are familiar with many of the most popular places and activities from Jane Austen’s novels, but this book will put them into broader historical context, complimenting them with an abundance of contemporary fashion plates and images.

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