The Classic Guide to Gardening

The Classic Guide to Gardening

The A-Z of Victorian Crime

The A-Z of Victorian Crime

City of Westminster

Photographs and Postcards From The Archives of Judges of Hastings Ltd

Publication Date15th June 2016

Book FormatPaperback





This fabulous collection of images perfectly evokes memories of early 20th century London.
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London is the largest capital city in Europe, and is more than just one city. London is two very different cities. To the east is the City of London, the financial city where London began 2,000 years ago. To the west is the City of Westminster, the city of government, religion and entertainment, with many theatres, cinemas, cafés, restaurants and pubs, shopping, and most importantly, 1,000 years of history.

Westminster is where tourists flock before they venture east to the City of London to soak up even more history. At the beginning of the twentieth century Westminster was a far cry from how it is today. Discover how it once was through the camera lens of Fred Judge and his postcards. Fred was known to his friends and colleagues as ‘The Postcard Man’.

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