William Barron

William Barron

Hlobane and Khambula

Hlobane and Khambula

Charles Dickens' London

Publication Date15th August 2022

Book FormatPaperback





A photographic local journey around London exploring the myriad of places connected to Charles Dickens.
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The inimitable Charles Dickens is regarded by many as the finest novelist of the Victorian era. His ability to weave magic with words still to this day makes him as popular as ever. Born in 1812 in what many would describe as humble circumstances he went on to create some of the world's best-known fictional characters in his impressive collection of novels.

It is a testament to his huge following that when he died just over one hundred and fifty years ago in June 1870, his grave at Westminster Abbey was kept open for three days so the many thousands of people who mourned his passing keenly could pay their last respects.

It has been said that Dickens’ knowledge of London was both extensive and peculiar; he knew it all, from Bow to Brentford. He drew his knowledge from experience: he visited the magistrates courts, he observed the poverty and injustice of the workhouses and prisons and was a hearty campaigner for the wretched and downtrodden.

Here was the man that brought Scrooge to the Christmas table, and he never left. The landscape that inspired Dickens during his most prolific writing was, of course, good old London Town. Join us as we mark the sesquicentennial anniversary of his death and explore Charles Dickens’ very own landscape.

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