The Great Plague of London

The Great Plague of London

The Kings and Queens of England

The Kings and Queens of England

Great Tales from British History

Was Queen Victoria Ever Amused? and 39 Other Intriguing Historical Questions Answered

Publication Date15th October 2013

Book FormatPaperback





From Alfred the Great to the Angels of Mons, Robert Gambles tests the truth of forty famous stories. Examines forty legends and stories from the beginning of recorded history to the First World War.
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Did King Cnut really believe that he could turn back the tide? Was Robert Bruce inspired by the perseverance of a spider? Was Queen Victoria never amused? In the 2,000 years of recorded British history, numerous stories have emerged and been passed down through the generations. Some reinforce or add colour to a historically correct perception of a particular individual or event. Others may have been deliberately contrived or fabricated to conceal or distort the truth. Either way, these popular traditional tales are part of our historical heritage. They are ingrained in our understanding of our past and form part of our national identity. In this fascinating book, Robert Gambles traces the origins and tests the truth of forty of these enduring yarns of human strengths and weaknesses, of mystery, catastrophe and agonising dilemma.
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