The Princess's Garden

The Princess's Garden

Firefighters of Cambridge

Firefighters of Cambridge

British West Indies The Postcard Collection

Series: The Postcard Collection

Publication Date15th January 2014

Book FormatPaperback





This fascinating selection of postcards encapsulates the British West Indies of a century and more ago.
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The British West Indies cover a distinct geographical area. However, the countries within it have their own histories, sometimes overlapping, sometimes very different. British West Indies: The Postcard Collection brings together over 100 postcards showing the region's commonalities and differences. The British West Indies were an important economic source for the British Empire, supplying sugar, coffee, tobacco and cocoa. During the First and Second World Wars, many men joined up to fight for Britain, and many young citizens later emigrated to help the country recover and rebuild its economy. Today, many see the countries of the British West Indies only as wonderful holiday spots with sand, sea and sun. However, scratch the surface and one will discover a fascinating and chequered history.

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