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British Prime Ministers

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Author: Robert J. Parker

There is a distinct lack of readily available information about the British prime ministers, especially as a group. There are thick biographies of the big names Pitt, Gladstone, Churchill - but who were the others? There are plenty of short booklets and pamphlets for all the monarchs but little or nothing on most of the fifty-three PMs.

What better way to introduce these individuals than through a short, accurate review of each Prime Minister, briefly describing their background and influence, their role in British history and in major world events. On closer inspection, the PMs are revealed to be more colourful figures than might be imagined, whose unique personalities and individual deeds shaped important historical events. British Prime Ministersoffers a handy and accessible guide to all of Britain’s heads of government, from Sir Robert Walpole right through to Boris Johnson, thereby lifting the veil of obscurity from an all-too-neglected cast of characters.

Book ISBN 9781445610214

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pages 128 pages

Publication Date 14 Feb 2013

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Illustrations 83

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