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Warrior and King

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People have been looking for the sites of the long-lost and mysterious battles of King Arthur for a thousand years. In this book, the result of extensive consultation with experts across academic disciplines, the author's researches into Arthur's battles point to fascinating new conclusions about his life:

King Arthur's greatest battle, at Badon, was fought at Bristol, close to the site of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. Guinevere was not Arthur's wife but his mistress. Arthur was probably Irish and initially a warrior not a king. He fought on behalf of a named Irish king against whom he rebelled. Arthur was brain-damaged by the wars and died, unable to speak, on the Isle of Skye.

Much of the history of the time was lost because of natural events around 540AD. But the warrior elite, of which Arthur was part, went on to rule what later became known as Wessex, the cradle of the English nation - for which King Arthur became a founding legend.

Book ISBN 9781445682570

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pages 272 pages

Publication Date 15 Oct 2018

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Width 165

Illustrations 30

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