The Princes in the Tower

The Princes in the Tower

Richard III

Richard III

Ranulf de Blondeville

The First English Hero

Publication Date15th December 2009

Book FormatPaperback





The first major study of Ranulf de Blondeville, a name once recounted in the same breath as Robin Hood.
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A full, lavishly illustrated study of a nobleman whose exploits became the stuff of medieval romance, once recounted in the same breath as Robin Hood. Ranulf de Blondeville was fabulously rich and powerful. He served six kings, endured difficult regime-change, fought his way across half of France and back and more than once turned wrested victory from defeat. He never forgot that his roots were Norman although his efforts were for England, where he made his home. Loyal to a fault, as a youth he was disastrously married to the Duchess of Brittany, firebrand of contemporary politics, who tried to destroy him. His second wife brought happiness but not children. He was a fiercely independent spirit with a renowned temper. Unafraid of anyone, he besieged castles aggressively, constructed and defended them stoutly and built an Earldom of unparalleled power at England's heart. Kings lavished titles on him and the Pope sought out his support, noting his exceptional leadership. On his death-bed he bequeathed to Henry III the only piece of Normandy ever recovered from the French. It was rumoured that when he died the devil himself kicked him out of hell, he was so much trouble.

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