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Hitler's Aristocrats

Churches of Cambridgeshire

Churches of Cambridgeshire

Bristol: Danger, Death and Dark Deeds

Publication Date15th February 2023

Book FormatPaperback





A chilling collection of true crime stories from Bristol during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
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In any large city like Bristol there have always been those who are intemperate, resentful, envious, greedy, angry, lovelorn, depressed or sadistic. Given certain circumstances these traits and emotions can drive even the least-expected person to carry out criminal acts, which may be calculated, long planned, spur of the moment and, in some cases, seemingly inexplicable. They are all part of the dark history of Bristol.

Examining that history shows that Bristol was a violent and dangerous place for many, and there were great gulfs between the privileged and the poor. In this book, local author Cynthia Stiles sets out to shed some light on a variety of murders and misdemeanours from the past, those who committed them and the conditions that may have prompted such actions.

From highwaymen to murderers, prostitutes to outlaws and press gangs to prison escapes, this compelling collection presents a fascinating insight into the criminal and social history of the city. Illustrated throughout, Bristol: Danger, Death and Dark Deeds will be of interest to residents, visitors and local historians.

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