Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Great Tales from British History: The Britons Challenge Rome

Series: Great Tales from British History

Publication Date15th April 2015

Book FormatPaperback





Great stories well told. Dive right into the heart of the action of when the Britons challenged Rome.
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British history is rich in enthralling stories: pivotal moments that changed the future of the country; moments of drama, suspense, intrigue. Dive right into the heart of the action with the Great Tales series.

While they fought, Caesar ordered the crews of some of his oared ships to row up towards the beach to threaten the flank of the British tribesmen, and then the standard bearer of the Tenth legion jumped down and started forward, encouraging the troops to follow him. By degrees the Romans managed to gain a foothold on the beach, and the Britons withdrew.

From first contact in 55 BC to the defeat of Boudicca, this account captures the moments at the very heart of the British rebellion. Plunging the reader into the middle of the story, this is narrative history at its most evocative and readable. Patricia Southern narrates in gripping detail the struggle of the Britons against the invading Roman forces.

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