Empire Halts Here

Empire Halts Here


A Poet in the Rome of Julius Caeser

Publication Date15th February 2010

Book FormatPaperback





Catullus tells the story of the poet Gaius Valerius Catullus and his awe-inspiring poetry, set against the background of years of unrest, violence and death in ancient Rome.
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Born around 84 BC Catullus belonged to an influential and wealthy family. Later on in life, when Catullus moved to Rome, he was entertained in a style suitable for a fashionable young man. During this time it is thought that he embarked upon several love affairs. Catullus looks at the poet's love affairs with married women and how these affairs led to one of his most famous works, his poems to 'Lesbia'. Following the failure of these rather unsatisfactory loves, Catullus failed to write much more and died in obscure circumstances around the time of Caesar's invasion of Britain. This revised edition of a classic book looks in detail at the life of a poet in the Rome of Julius Caesar, providing the reader with a fascinating and coherent picture of the life and work of Catullus whilst simultaneously illuminating the unrest, violence and death that surrounded ancient Rome.

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