The Mythology of Richard III

The Mythology of Richard III

Titanic Scandal

Titanic Scandal

A Girl Aboard the Titanic

The Remarkable Memoir of Eva Hart, a 7-year-old Survivor of the Titanic Disaster

Publication Date15th January 2012

Book FormatHardback





The remarkable memoir of Eva Hart, a 7-year old passenger on the doomed Titanic.

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'I was 7, I had never seen a ship looked very big...everybody was very excited, we went down to the cabin and that's when my mother said to my father that she had made up her mind quite firmly that she would not go to bed in that ship, she would sit up at night...she decided that she wouldn't go to bed at night, and she didn't!'

This is the amazing story of how Eva survived the sinking of the Titanic, how her father perished and the affect it had on her life following the tragedy. The events of a few hours in her childhood remained with her so vividly throughout her life that it took Eva nearly forty years before she could talk openly about the tragedy. A Girl Aboard the Titanic is the only child eyewitness description we have of most famous maritime disaster.

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