Now That's What I Call Durham

Now That's What I Call Durham

Railways of the South East Since the 1970s

Railways of the South East Since the 1970s

Now That's What I Call Shrewsbury

Series: Now That's What I Call ...

Publication Date15th October 2018

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating pictorial local history of Shrewsbury through the nineteen sixties, seventies and eighties.
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The sixties, seventies and eighties were decades of great change. People’s shopping habits began to change as supermarkets took over from traditional stores, and leisure habits altered as cheap air travel led to the arrival of the foreign package holiday. Fashions, as ever, were evolving: men’s hairstyles got longer as women’s skirts got shorter. The world of work was progressing rapidly as technological advances were made and the effects of globalism began to be felt by many. And it was also a period of transformation in the way we viewed ourselves and the world as society’s attitudes to mental health, homosexuality and feminism were moving on slowly from the post-war years.

These changes were keenly felt in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury and local author and historian David Trumper has captured them all in this fascinating portrayal of the town and its people over the course of these most nostalgic decades.

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