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River Forth

River Trent

From Source to Sea

Series: River

Publication Date15th August 2015

Book FormatPaperback





The latest in the 'River' series, chronicling England's biggest river, the Trent, as it flows through the industrial heartland of England. Stunning photography paired with historic anecdotes of the river's past uses and features make for a fascinating read on the 'wandering invader'.
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For some the River Trent is synonymous with a northern Staffordshire city, for others the hub of the ceramics industry, perhaps the heart of the brewing world or a famous bridge near a famous cricket ground. But it’s more than all of these combined, its magnitude unmatched anywhere in England. Deriving from Old English meaning ‘the wanderer’ or ‘the invader’, the River Trent carries more water to the sea than other river in the country.

Tumbling more than a thousand feet at the southern extremity of the Pennines, it then glides through Trentham and onto Newark. But don’t be fooled by its silvery, sleek nature, for beneath the surface the current is deceptively strong. A fascinating 230-mile-long trek can be made on foot along the riverbanks. Join author Tony Hewitt as he reverses the common trend and approaches the river from the sea, charting its dynamic journey to its source.

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