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Illustrated Tales of Wales

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Wales is a country steeped in myths, legends and folklore. From the medieval stories of the Mabinogion to more modern-day mysteries, the land has been forged in tales of ancient druids, fire-breathing dragons, strange superstitions, and restless spirits.

In 'Illustrated Tales of Wales’, local author Mark Rees explores the hidden history of some of the country’s more curious people, places and events. Ranging from the quirky to the macabre, they include the elusive fairy folk which lure travellers into their magical rings, the world’s most notorious and blood-thirsty pirates, and the countless enchanted landmarks associated with King Arthur, Merlin the wizard and the Knights of the Round Table.

Wales is home to the world’s largest lump of coal, the smallest commercial brewery, and the UK’s smallest house. It was seen as a safe-haven for those accused of witchcraft during the witch craze persecutions, and is littered with magical wells and holy springs which saw royalty make pilgrimages from far and wide to benefit from their supernatural powers. On the darker side of things, accounts of vampirism plagued rural villages, the Welsh sin-eater was the most despised person in the community, while the dreaded corpse candles and phantom funerals brought eerie warnings of imminent death.

‘Illustrated Tales of Wales’ offers an engaging and different look at Wales, with this alternative tour through the country’s peculiar past.

Book ISBN 9781445697222

Book Format Paperback

pages 96 pages

Publication Date 15 Aug 2020

Height 234

Width 165

Illustrations 100

Available on: Saturday 15th August 2020

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