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The Classic Guide to Beekeeping

From Hives to Honey

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The first human attempts to collect honey from wild bees were some 15,000 years ago, while the Ancient Egyptians depicted domesticated bees around 4,500 years ago. But it was only in the eighteenth century that a better understanding of how bees live led to the invention of a moveable comb hive that allowed beekeepers to harvest honey without destroying the colony.

Beekeeping had become truly popular by the late nineteenth century, when this manual was written as a comprehensive guide by John Hunter, Honorary Secretary of the British Beekeepers’ Association. Whether you are a seasoned urban beekeeper or an aspiring countryside smallholder, this book will provide you with a fascinating insight into the essentials of the hobby.

Book ISBN 9781445649597

Book Format Hardback

pages 192 pages

Publication Date 15 Sep 2015

Height 198

Width 124

Illustrations 10

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