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Donald Trump in 100 Facts

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Author: Ruth Ann Monti

Love him or loathe him, everybody is interested in the phenomenon that is Donald Trump. In the 100 facts contained within, Ruth Ann Monti brings us up close to the man and the brand. Even seasoned Trump watchers will find things they never knew. Did you know that Trump’s children aren't allowed to keep pets? That he has been married more times than any other president? How many businesses bearing his name have gone under? Did you know he once proposed a tax on the 'superwealthy' to wipe out the national debt? How about the theory that The Donald is descended from a ‘werewolf ’ –or at least from his lover?

Whether you approach this book as a dip-in fact file or a straight read, your jaw will hit the floor.

Book ISBN 9781445678535

Book Format Paperback

pages 192 pages

Publication Date 15 Jan 2018

Height 198

Width 129

Illustrations None

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