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Eyewitness Accounts My Life as an Explorer

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Author: Roald Amundsen

Written by the people who could say 'I was there!' My Life as an Explorer is a classic of Polar literature, written by the first man to set foot on the South Pole. Amundsen's passion for exploring first led him to the Antarctic in the 1897 - 99 Belgian expedition and then led him on a journey around the top of Canada to prove the existence of the North West Passage. After the First World War, Amundsen became only the second man to travel around the top of Siberia from Atlantic to Pacific oceans, then flying over the North Pole by airship. He died in 1928, disappearing while searching for the missing airship Italia. His body was never recovered. Written a year before his death, this is his Eyewitness Account of the exploration of both Poles.

Book ISBN 9781445635804

Book Format Paperback

pages 224 pages

Publication Date 13 Mar 2014

Height 198

Width 124

Illustrations 6

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