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A Year in the Life of Stuart Britain

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Author: Andrea Zuvich

The Stuart monarchs reigned during a time of turbulence in a world that balanced on the brink of change. It was an era torn between absolute monarchy and revolution: kings ruled with iron fists only to be toppled by opponents who laid claim, not to a crown, but to a country. It was an era that saw the carnage of the English Civil War, the execution of Charles I and rise of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth, Charles II's restoration, the Great Plague and the Glorious Revolution.

In this fascinating, day-by-day account of life in Stuart Britain, diarists from the famous Samuel Pepys and the gardener John Evelyn brush shoulders with well-known poets and anonymous writers of household accounts, describing events from the Great Fire of London and the depositions of two kings, to the coronation of Britain's only dual monarchs and the uniting of the English and Scottish crowns.

Andrea Zuvich takes the reader on a journey through Stuart Britain, including an extract for every day of the year and exploring the lives of ordinary people as well as the movers and shakers of the Stuart court. Illustrated with a full-colour image section and providing a definitive timeline for this period in history, A Year in the Life of Stuart Britain is by turns entertaining, thought-provoking and surprising. A must-have book for anyone who wants to know more about the everyday yearly activities and the once-in-a-lifetime events that shaped Britain during the seventeenth century.

Book ISBN 9781445647425

Book Format Hardback

pages 352 pages

Publication Date 15 May 2016

Height 234

Width 156

Illustrations 30

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