How to Pilot a Submarine

How to Pilot a Submarine

Murders & Misdemeanours in The West End of London 1800-1850

Murders & Misdemeanours in The West End of London 1800-1850

An Illustrated Introduction to the Stuarts

Series: An Illustrated Introduction to ...

Publication Date15th September 2014

Book FormatPaperback





One of the first in a new series of short, accessible guides to popular history subjects, the Illustrated Introductions.
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Fascinated by history? Wish you knew more? The Illustrated Introductions are here to help. In this lavishly illustrated, accessible guide, find out everything you need to know about the Stuarts.

The Stuart era represents a century characterised by unprecedented change and turmoil, beginning with the Union of the Crowns and marked by wars of religion between Protestants and Catholics in Europe and by Parliamentary conflict. It witnessed the flourishing of art, literature and science, the overthrow of two monarchs and saw England emerge as a major world and European power.

This wonderfully illustrated introduction to the Stuarts follows the major events and personalities of the age.

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