1943 The Second World War in Photographs

1943 The Second World War in Photographs

Abingdon Through Time

Abingdon Through Time

1943 The Second World War in the Air in Photographs

Series: The Second World War in the Air in Photographs

Publication Date15th January 2015

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A unique look at the Second World War in the air in 1943 through the medium of old photographs.
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1943 saw the tide of war change fully in the Allies’ favour. The Axis powers were in retreat on most fronts. North Africa was conquered and this gave the Allies the ability to fly one way over Europe, reaching parts once too far from Allied airbases, including the Romanian oil fields. Sicily and then Italy were invaded in 1943 and preparations were well in hand for D-Day, while the Dambusters raid destroyed the Ruhr dams. The daytime bombing of Germany by the Americans and the nighttime destruction by the RAF was having a huge effect on infrastructure and the ability of the Germans to wage war, but also having a huge impact on the German people.

In the Pacific, the Japanese had been soundly defeated at Midway in 1942 and were now suffering the consequences of the loss of so many aircraft carriers. They were severely weakened and the Americans were now undertaking the island hopping campaign that would continue through 1944.

L. Archard continues his story of the air war, with many rare images covering all aspects of the battle for air supremacy that would ultimately help win the war for the Allies.

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