1940 the Second World War at Sea in Photographs

1940 the Second World War at Sea in Photographs

1941 The Second World War in the Air in Photographs

1941 The Second World War in the Air in Photographs

1940 the Second World War in Photographs

Britain Stands Alone

Series: The Second World War in Photographs

Publication Date15th September 2014

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This superb collection of images takes us on a month by month tour of the conflict in Europe, Africa and the Far East in 1940.
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1940 As the period of the ‘Phoney War’ came to an end, the Nazis unleashed their Blitzkrieg tactics, which saw the rapid mobility of the ground forces closely supported by superior air power. The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway fell in the spring, and the British Expeditionary Force made a hasty retreat from the beaches of Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo. Winston Churchill, the new Prime Minister of the coalition government, described the evacuation of thousands of troops by an armada of little vessels as a miracle. But, following the fall of France in June, he issued a sombre warning that Britain now fought alone. The nation’s fate was in the hands of the ‘Few’, the men of fighter command who fought to hold back Göring’s Luftwaffe in its bid to gain superiority in the air as the prelude to a German invasion. This was the Battle of Britain, and as the Spitfires and Hurricanes jousted with enemy fighters and bombers in the late summer of 1940, the ordinary people of London and many other cities and towns came to know the terror of the air raids.

John Christopher and Campbell McCutcheon tell the story of 1940 at war using many rare and often unpublished images, showing the rapidly changing nature of the conflict, as well as its impact on the everyday person.
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