C&T Harris (Calne)

An Illustrated History

Publication Date15th June 2022

Book FormatPaperback





The story of these purveyors of Wiltshire ham, who once employed 2,000 people and remains fondly remembered in Calne and the surrounding areas.
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This is the story of an empire founded on pigs. It tells of how a small town on the River Marden, once prosperous from the wool trade, became famous for its Wiltshire cured ham and bacon, tasty sausages and delicious pork pies. Products loved across the nation and world, and even consumed by royalty.

At its peak the C&T Harris factory employed 2,000 people, processing 5,000 pigs a week, producing 100 tonnes of pies, sausages and cooked meats. The Harris brand remained strong by changing hands and merging with other companies, surviving until 1982. After its demolition the site was redeveloped, incorporating a new library, shops and houses. The name lives on in street names, public buildings and a recreation ground gifted to the town.

Illustrated by a wide variety of images, some of which are previously unpublished, this is a fond tribute to an important contributor to the local economy and community.

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