Yorkshire People

Yorkshire People

Crafts of Britain

Publication Date15th January 2050

Book FormatPaperback





A stunning collection of images celebrating Britain’s traditional crafts, capturing the vitality of the country’s heritage.
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The UK’s traditional crafts have been an important part of the heritage and culture of Britain through the centuries but a recent report by the Heritage Crafts Association highlighted how many of these crafts have become endangered. In this book photographer Charlotte Graham presents a portrait of many of these traditional industries that are under threat today. Some of these will be familiar to most people, such as watchmaking, tinsmithing, bell founding and basketwork furniture making. Others are less well-known and often only practised in specific regional areas, such as Highlands and Islands thatching or curragh making. But all are part of the cultural story of the UK and worth protecting. This celebration of Britain’s traditional craft industries in all their variety and the people who work in these industries and who pass on their knowledge to the generations that follow will appeal to all those interested in the history of Britain and its magnificent diversity of traditions.

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