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Gods of Ancient Rome

Gods of Ancient Rome

Cork: A Potted History

Series: A Potted History

Publication Date15th April 2024

Book FormatPaperback





An accessible history of Cork from its beginnings to the present day, following a walking trail highlighting the city’s significant events and people.
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Place matters in Cork. From its marshy foundations at the lowest crossing point of the River Lee, the city spread across its steep suburban hillsides. Journeying from the south of the city to its north prospects reveals a rich range of historic spaces. The urban landscape is filled with stories about its past. Some sites one would pass and stop and contemplate whilst many others one would not give a second look. But a second and even a third look reveals some very historical nuggets about Cork’s development.

Cork: A Potted History takes the viewer on a walking trail of fifty sites and takes a line from the city’s famous lake known just as The Lough across the former medieval core and ends in the historic north suburbs of Blackpool. Starting at The Lough – a Cork gem – which once hosted everything from duels to ice-skating and its own tree nursery, the trail then rambles to hidden moats, ancient hospital sites, lost meeting houses, legacies of medieval remnants, across ancient streetscapes to exploring forgotten industrial urban spaces. This book reveals the city’s lesser-known heritage and hidden urban features.

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