Continental Traction

Publication Date15th July 2021

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Continental Traction features photographs from all around Europe - France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Croatia and more.
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Although separated from the United Kingdom by the twenty-one miles of English Channel, the continental railway network has always been a draw for British rail enthusiasts. With a combined network covering some 202,000 km there is a huge network for the enthusiast to explore and a great variety of traction to photograph.

Each country has its own national operator, such as SNCF in France and SJ in Sweden, and alongside these you can find a number of private operators, such as BlS in Switzerland and WLC in Austria. The Continent has something for everyone, whether it be high-speed trains racing across countries or humble multiple units going about their daily workings.

The European continent also has a wide range of environments in which to photograph its traction, ranging from the mountains to the open countryside and city suburbs. This book collects a number of scenes in a range of different locales.

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