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Patricia Southern

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Patricia Southern is an acknowledged expert the history of ancient Rome. Her interest began very early, fostered by books and the wonderful epic films that they don't make any more. This obsession with the Romans has never waned, so whilst working full time as a librarian she studied for a BA degree in Ancient History with the external department of the University of London, and for an MPhil in Roman Frontier Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where she was Librarian of the Archaeology Department for many years. She has written many books on Roman history and contributed numerous articles on Roman history to the BBC History website and the academic Roman studies journal Britannia.

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Ancient Rome - The Empire 30BC-AD476


‘Clear & witty’ Oxbow Book News

‘A lucid book’ Choice 2011

‘A very successful treatment’ Dr Peter Jones, BBC History Magazine, 2013

Roman Britain A New History 55 BC-AD 450


‘A comprehensive & accessible history of Roman Britain’ British Museum Magazine 2011

The Roman Army


‘Many people already know the history, it is in the detail and the structure in which it is presented that is so entertaining. Anyone with even a basic interest in the past may have a hard time putting this book down.’ Minerva, 2014

Other titles by Patricia:


‘In the absence of Cleopatra's meoirs, Southern's commendably balanced biography will do very well.’ The Sunday Telegraph

‘Scholarly and readable.’ Dr Peter Jones, BBC History Magazine

Author of Julius Caesar: 'Her style is delightfully approachable: lean and lucid, witty and pacy’ Antiquity

Author of Augustus: 'A reliable up-to-date guide through the snakepit of Roman politics’ The Sunday Times


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