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Helen Hollick

About the Author:

Helen started writing as a teenager. Published in the UK with her Arthurian Trilogy and two Saxon novels, she was selected by US publisher, Sourcebooks, and became a USA Today bestseller. Her Sea Witch Voyages are nautical-based adventures with a touch of fantasy, and are inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy. She is the founder of Discovering Diamonds, a review blog for historical fiction, and lives in Devon.


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These links will take you to the Home Page of each blog host – Helen says thank you for their interest and enthusiasm! For exact URL links to each article go to Helen’s website:  which will be updated every day of the tour.

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1st August: Carolyn Hughes Pirates of the Middle Ages

2nd August: Alison Morton From Pirate to Emperor

3rd August: Annie Whitehead The Vikings: Raiders or Pirates?

4th August: Tony Riches An Interview With Helen Hollick (and maybe a couple of pirates thrown in for good measure?)

5th August: Lucienne Boyce Anne and Mary. Pirates.

6th August: Laura Pilli Why Pirates?

7th August: Mary Tod That Essential Element… For A Pirate.

8th August: Pauline Barclay Writing Non-Fiction. How Hard Can It Be?   

9th August: Nicola Smith Pirates: The Tales Mixed With The Truth

10th August: Christoph Fischer In The Shadow Of The Gallows

11th August: Debdatta What Is It About Pirates?

12th August: Discovering Diamonds It’s Been An Interesting Voyage…

13th August: Sarah Greenwood Pirates: The Truth and the Tales

14th August: Antoine Vanner The Man Who Knew About Pirates



Praise for Pirates: Truth and Tales:

“In this informative and comprehensive book, the author shows how the literary and movie images of pirates often bears little, or no, resemblance to the actual physical reality of the real life sea terrorists of the 17th and 18th centuries. Skilfully blending historical facts with literary fiction the book reads as lightly as a novel, but then we come sharply back to reality with daring tales of menace, of lives ruined by too much grog and too many loose women, and which ended, all too often, dangled at the end of a hangman's rope. Real buccaneers nestle comfortably alongside  colourful literary counterparts. The book has a rich and lively vocabulary, with snippets of interesting facts that you never knew you needed to know, but which are all recounted with the author’s sparkling wit and fine attention to detail. A great dip-in-and-out-of kind of book; whichever page falls open you are guaranteed a fascinating look into the life and times of these colourful, and it must be said, decidedly, dangerous characters.”

Jaffareadstoo (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)


Helen's fictional series The Sea Witch Voyages


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