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Gillian Polack

About the Author:

Dr Gillian Polack is a novelist, editor and medieval historian as well as a lecturer. She has been published in both the academic world and the world of historical fiction.

Connect with Gillian:

 @GillianPolack, and (posts on The History Girls on the second of every month)



The Middle Ages Unlocked

Cover reviews

‘Wise, entertaining and crammed with historical knowledge. This one’s a keeper.’ Elizabeth Chadwick

‘Factual, fascinating, educational and entertaining.’ Helen Hollick

‘A fascinating insight into all things medieval.’ Felicity Pulman

‘Listen up, writers! The Middle Ages Unlocked is the go-to book for information on the Middle Ages.’ Jack Dann

‘This well-researched, accessible and absorbing compendium provides rich, precise and often surprising information for anyone wanting to know more about this period of history.’ Sophie Masson

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  • The Middle Ages Unlocked

    Gillian Polack, Katrin Kania with Foreword by Elizabeth Chadwick

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