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Caroline Rochford

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Caroline Rochford runs a genealogy company with her historian husband. She has contributed several historical articles in the local press, and runs a blog covering historical and genealogical topics. She lives in Wakefield.

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Great Victorian Inventions

‘Spectacles for horse, a bicycle railway and a steam-powered man that can pull carts filled with people. These are just some of the wacky inventions that were designed by innovative Victorians looking to make the next big technological breakthrough.’ Daily Mail article, 1st November 2014

‘An entertaining anthology of Victorian inventions.’ Your Family Tree magazine interview, November 2014

Great Victorian Discoveries

‘Have you ever heard of a four-footed bird? Can you really teach a dog to read? Where would you find a kangaroo crossed with a lion? Find out the answers in Great Victorian Discoveries. In this brilliant and bizarre follow-up to Great Victorian Inventions, West Yorkshire author Caroline Rochford reveals the wondrous experiments and extraordinary theories of the great minds of science, engineering and natural history of the Victorian age.’, 8th April 2015

‘In the follow-up to her hugely successful Great Victorian Inventions CAROLINE ROCHFORD’S new book reveals the wondrous discoveries and bizarre theories put forward by the great minds of the Victorian age.’ and Express Paperback, 16th April 2015


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