Through Spain with Wellington

Through Spain with Wellington

Secret Chichester

Secret Chichester


A Drink for the Devil

Publication Date15th April 2016

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating full-colour history of coffee, the world’s favourite drink
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In the Western world, coffee consumption is around one-third that of tap water. After petroleum, coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world. Over 7 million metric tons are produced annually. By the end of 2015, Great Britain had more than 20,000 coffee shops across the country, and even after fifteen years of rapid expansion, Britain's coffee-shop sector still continues to grow. Despite the fact that a pope once called it ‘the devil’s drink’, there is a jar in every kitchen and it is a fact of life that drinking coffee is here to stay.

Whether you drink instant or fresh, decaff or espresso, this book brings together the facts and ephemera relating to this globally crucial beverage, examining its origins and the stories of its discovery, its production and its growing popularity over time. In doing so it shines a light on coffee’s important place in British life.

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