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Churches of Northern Yorkshire

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Publication Date15th July 2024

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A fascinating exploration of northern Yorkshire’s historic churches. Explores a cross-section of historical churches throughout the county.
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The historic county of Yorkshire is the largest in England, home to 157 Grade I listed churches. It’s huge diversity of places and landscapes is reflected in the churches found here, which nicely represent the history of this section of Yorkshire. Some of the medieval churches demonstrate the wealth of their local area at the time, often from trade or monasteries nearby, or the importance of the local town or city, but others served more remote communities and still stand out in the landscape today.

In Churches of Northern Yorkshire author David Paul explores a cross-section of historical churches throughout the county, both the well known and those waiting to be discovered by a wider audience. This fascinating picture of an important part of the history of the northern half of Yorkshire over the centuries will be of interest to all those who live in or are visiting this splendid county in England.

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