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Publication Date15th May 2023

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A fascinating exploration of Edinburgh’s historic churches will be of interest to all those who live in or are visiting Scotland’s capital city.
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Edinburgh was founded as a royal burgh by David I in the early twelfth century, though there had been a settlement on what became Castle Rock for centuries before that. King David is also thought to be responsible for the city’s oldest building, a chapel built in honour of his mother, Queen Margaret, who was later declared a saint.

Churches of Edinburgh looks at the city’s churches, from this earliest surviving example to the award-winning Chapel of Saint Albert the Great, which opened some 900 years later. It tells their stories, discusses their architecture and points out their notable features, as well as outlining the important part that some of Edinburgh’s churches have played in major events in Scottish history such as the Reformation or the National Covenant.

The churches featured include, among many others, the ruined thirteenth-century abbey that was once a meeting place for the Scottish Parliament, the church that retains a seat for Queen Victoria and the one that has its own canal boat. There is also the story of the fifteenth-century church that was demolished in 1848 but was later partially rebuilt elsewhere, and that of the important artworks that lie hidden beneath the paintwork of another city church.

This fascinating picture of an important part of the history of Edinburgh over the centuries will be of interest to all those who live in or are visiting Scotland’s capital city.

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