Buses: Another Life

Publication Date15th July 2021

Book FormatPaperback





With previously unseen photographs, this book documents buses and coaches after the end of their usual service life.
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What happens to old buses at the end of their career, when they are replaced by newer vehicles? Some inevitably go to scrap, especially if they have been cannibalised for spares. Some see further service with other bus companies. A few lucky ones pass directly into preservation. But many find further employment with so-called ‘Non-PSV’ users; some of these may continue to carry passengers, perhaps as works transport or for a community group. Some may be used for driver training. However, others will be converted to fulfil a whole variety of roles – catering or hospitality vehicles; advertising promotional vehicles; ambulances; mobile homes; playbuses; horseboxes; vehicle transporters, and more.

This book looks at a variety of old buses and coaches and the varied roles they have fulfilled over the last fifty years.

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