Burnley From Old Photographs

Burnley From Old Photographs

Buses of Clydeside Scottish and Clydeside 2000

Buses of Clydeside Scottish and Clydeside 2000

Burton upon Trent Memories

Series: Memories

Publication Date15th February 2014

Book FormatPaperback





Beautiful postcards, photographs, receipts and adverts capture old Burton upon Trent in all its glory
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Burton upon Trent Memories offers a nostalgic look back at the town's past through a selection of postcards, photographs, receipts and adverts from the author's own collection. Burton upon Trent, which straddles the River Trent in the east of Staffordshire, is the largest town in the National Forest. 'Burton', as it is known locally, grew up around Burton upon Trent Abbey, which was a major religious centre for Staffordshire in medieval times. In later years, the River Trent Navigation was extended to Burton and, by the early modern period, it had emerged as a bustling market town. Burton has a wealth of fine buildings, including the Town Hall, St Margaret's church and St Paul's, many of which were donated by Michael Bass, who became Lord Burton in the nineteenth century. As its brewing industry assumed importance in the early nineteenth century, the town really started to expand. In its heyday, Burton boasted a dozen or so breweries and was regarded as the international brewing capital of the world. Author Terry Garner invites the reader to step back in time and explore Burton upon Trent's rich and fascinating history.

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