BR Blue: The North in Focus

Publication Date15th October 2021

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With a wealth of illustrations, a nostalgic look back at the BR Blue era of British Rail in northern England.
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From 1978 onwards, during the period often referred to as BR Blue, Stephen Owens was able to photograph for posterity some of what he saw on the railway. Some might suggest the period didn’t have the interest of the steam era – how could it? It was an era when the railway appeared neglected and threadbare; it was being run on a shoestring, and it looked and felt like it. Be that as it may, it had its devotees and supporters.

Some rail enthusiasts instinctively recognised that the situation couldn’t and wouldn’t last. In a way it was similar to the end of steam: the clock was ticking, but this time no-one knew when it would stop, nor what would follow.

With a wonderful selection of images, this nostalgic look back at the era of Rail Blue in northern England and Scotland will delight rail enthusiasts both young and old.

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