Blue Funnel Line

Blue Funnel Line


The Celtic Kings of Roman Britain

Publication Date15th February 2010

Book FormatPaperback





A major new historical work, reinterpreting, reassessing and reevaluating the Roman invasion of Britain, from the perspective of one British family's relationship with the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
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Bloodline: Celtic Kings in Roman Britain is Miles Russell's latest publication. This detailed and comprehensive book offers fresh research and analysis of the British provincial kings during the Roman occupation. The author's extensive knowledge and expertise in this field provides a high level of academic authority. Building on the discoveries made in Roman Sussex, this book develops the theme that southern Britain was not so much conquered by Rome, as liberated. Looking at new archaeological evidence, new readings of the primary historical sources and a new examination of the writings of 'British' sources (such as Geoffrey of Monmouth), Bloodline: Celtic Kings in Roman Britain provides a wholly alternative theory as to the creation of Roman Britain, its treaties, invasion and assimilation into empire, and the role of friendly client kings from the time of Julius Caesar (55-54 BC) to the reign of the emperor Hadrian

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