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  1. Bell Rock Lighthouse by Michael A. W. Strachan

    More than Stevenson and Rennie When I was first approached by my Amberley editor regarding the possibility of writing a book about the Bell Rock Lighthouse my almost immediate answer was absolutely not. In my view there had been enough books written about the Bell Rock, most of which were nothing more than edited versions of Robert Stevenson’s 1824 Account...
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  2. St Albans in 50 Buildings by Kate Morris

    Patronal saint’s day in St Albans – Albantide 2018 22nd June, the height of midsummer, is the day on which the Feast of St Alban is celebrated, and celebrated it is, in a big way, in the town named for that saint, which grew on the site of the execution of Alban, the first recorded British Christian martyr. The Alban...
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