Military History of Strategy

  1. Photographers of the Third Reich by Paul Garson

    Images from the Wehrmacht, Third Reich What is it about photos that mesmerize us? When even life and death enemies find themselves smiling for their captor’s camera. A group of army officers struggle with various types of cameras, likely in France. (Photographers of the Third Reich, Amberley Publishing) What power do these images hold that in some cases linger with...
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  2. Boulton Paul Defiant by Alec Brew

    The Myths of the Boulton Paul Defiant The aircraft most associated with Wolverhampton’s Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd, and the Black Country’s highest profile contribution to the Second World War, was the Defiant turret fighter. It fought over the beaches of Dunkirk, two squadrons fought in the Battle of Britain, and then, during the dark nights of the Blitz, it was...
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  3. D-Day Through German Eyes by Jonathan Trigg

    How the Wehrmacht Lost France Who Did the Allies Face in Normandy on D-Day? This is what the landsers feared - an RAF Typhoon fires a barrage of rockets at German troops. (c. Jonathan Trigg, D-Day Through German Eyes, Amberley Publishing) In the early summer of 1944, Berlin knew the Allies would soon land in Continental Europe, and had assembled...
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  4. The F-14 Tomcat by Terry C. Treadwell

    My interest in aviation started when I was in the Royal Air Force and has continued unabated over the years. Some years ago I became the European Correspondent of Naval Aviation News, which is the official aviation magazine of the US Navy, giving me access to a great amount of material regarding American Naval aircraft. This allowed me to write...
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  5. Nelson at Naples: Revolution and Retribution in 1799 by Jonathan North

    Nelson and his Crimes We live in an age when figures from the past are being called to account for sins against the morals of today. Last summer, on the other side of the Atlantic, there was a wave of anger directed at statues of Confederate generals. A spate of demolition from Maryland to North Carolina saw marble memorials to...
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  6. Zealots by Oliver Thomson

    Zealots - How a Group of Scottish Conspirators unleashed half a Century of War in Britain When I first thought of this book a couple of years ago I was going to call it Scottish Jihad, for Islamic Jihads were all in the news and I was curious to see how religious fanatics in 17th century Britain compared with those...
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