Jonathan Trigg

  1. D-Day Through German Eyes by Jonathan Trigg

    How the Wehrmacht Lost France Who Did the Allies Face in Normandy on D-Day? This is what the landsers feared - an RAF Typhoon fires a barrage of rockets at German troops. (c. Jonathan Trigg, D-Day Through German Eyes, Amberley Publishing) In the early summer of 1944, Berlin knew the Allies would soon land in Continental Europe, and had assembled...
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  2. Voices of the Flemish Waffen-SS – The final testament of the Oostfronters by Jonathan Trigg

    Flemish volunteers in the Sturmbrigade Langemarck. Dries Coolens, fourth from the left, stands with his best friend on his right – Karel Goeman. Coolens would be the only one from the photo to survive the fighting in the Ukraine. (Author's collection, Voices of the Flemish Waffen-SS, Amberley Publishing) Our fascination with the Second World War is as strong as...
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  3. The Defeat of the Luftwaffe by Jonathan Trigg

    What’s the best thing about writing history? For me that’s easy. Stepping back in time into the shoes of another generation and looking around at the world through their eyes, and as you look around you can read what they read, touch what they touched, and try to understand why they did what they did. A lot of the time...
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