1. D-Day Through German Eyes by Jonathan Trigg

    How the Wehrmacht Lost France Who Did the Allies Face in Normandy on D-Day? This is what the landsers feared - an RAF Typhoon fires a barrage of rockets at German troops. (c. Jonathan Trigg, D-Day Through German Eyes, Amberley Publishing) In the early summer of 1944, Berlin knew the Allies would soon land in Continental Europe, and had assembled...
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  2. Normandy Crucible by John Prados

    The Decisive Battle that Shaped World War Two in Europe The Allied Intelligence Advantage Cobra's breakout took American troops through a succession of ruined villages and towns. Here a Stuart tank and other armor passes a road control team on its way to find the Germans, July 27. (c. National Archives, Normandy Crucible, Amberley Publishing) The first-generation histories of D-Day...
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  3. D-Day: The British Beach Landings by John Sadler

    Stan Hollis wins the VC Stanley Elton Hollis was born on Teesside in 1912, so he was in his thirties when he landed on Gold Beach with 6th Battalion Green Howards. His battalion had trained hard up by Inverary on Scotland’s hard north-west coast. Reveille on 6th June for the Green Howards was around 02.30 with a decent breakfast for...
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