1. The Chinese in Britain by Barclay Price

    A History of Visitors & Settlers The Chinese Magicians, Drury Lane, 1854. (Public domain, The Chinese in Britain, Amberley Publishing) Among the earliest Chinese to travel to Britain were Chinese Jugglers. Although described as jugglers, their acts also included acrobatics and magic. The first recorded troupe arrived in 1816 and were well received; ‘The Nobility, Gentry and Public in general...
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  2. How Australia Became British: Empire and the China Trade by Howard T. Fry

    THE EAST INDIA COMPANY’S MOVE TO THE PACIFIC Whereas from its foundation at the beginning of the 17th century the East India Company had been trading in spices from the East Indies and luxury imports from China, in the latter part of the 18th century changes in the pattern of this trade began to become apparent.  Firstly, the Company had...
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  3. Mission to China by John Holliday

    It was 8 October 1835, and the American brig Huron, under the command of Captain Thomas Winsor, edged its way between the sand banks along the Yangtze River towards Wusong, the gateway to Shanghai. Landing at Woosung, 1835. From the Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. (Mission to China, Amberley Publishing) The gloomy weather obscured the vessel until it reached the mouth...
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