50 Buildings Series

  1. Swindon in 50 Buildings by Angela Atkinson

    Choosing Fifty Buildings The process of choosing the fifty buildings to put into Swindon in Fifty Buildings, was something akin to drawing up a wedding invite list. Y’know – you make a list of all the sisters, uncles, cousins and aunts. Then you realise there’s far too many people and you have to start making choices and thinning out. Toothill...
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  2. Bury St Edmunds in 50 Buildings by Martyn Taylor

    When I was asked to write something about this subject I thought the choice would be challenging, it wasn’t, after all the town I was born into has numerous interesting buildings; many within the medieval grid of what is most probably the oldest purposely laid out town in the country from the 11th Century. But what to start with? Well...
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