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  1. Agincourt - June 1415: England prepares for war by W.B. Bartlett

    The Battle of Agincourt through the eyes of key participants - June 1415. The plans were all in place, the invasion army was assembling, the ports of southern England were full of ships and sailors. Vast amounts of supplies had been collected, as the fleet looked south across the English Channel towards the beaches of Normandy. Everyone hoped that the...
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  2. Waterloo Anniversary by Martyn Beardsley

    Exactly two hundred years ago today, at the time I'm writing this - early on the morning of the 18th June - two armies just a few hundred yards apart were making the final preparations for a battle for the future of Europe - Waterloo. Weapons were cleaned, ammunition was checked, and horses were saddled and fed. British soldiers, stiff...
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  3. What Did Cambronne Say at Waterloo? by Mark Simner

    There are many myths and controversies surrounding the Battle of Waterloo, fought on 18 June 1815. Indeed, a number of books have been written that solely focus on these fascinating, yet sometimes frustrating, aspects of the Hundred Days campaign. Some of these myths have since been proved false or otherwise finally laid to rest, but many persist, with military history...
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  4. The Suffrage movement in WWI by Mavis Curtis

    When I started writing my book about the Women’s Institute I did a lot of reading about the suffrage movement. I was surprised to find that many of the women who had been active suffragists, such as Grace Hadow, were among the first people to set up and run branches of the WI. Generally speaking, they were suffragists, not suffragettes...
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  5. Gillian Polack & Katrin Kania - How they got interested in the Middle Ages

    Here the authors talk about what got them interested in the Middle Ages. Gillian Polack I often tell people that I fell into the Middle Ages almost by mistake. I had a question I wanted to answer and the Middle Ages held that answer. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The sad truth is that life is more complicated than that. Here’s...
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  6. Richard III: Reinterment week

    EARLY HISTORY CATEGORY DISCOUNT CODE OFFER From 24th to 30th March you can get 25% discount off the RRP of any title in the Early History: c.500 to c.1450/1500 category on our website. All you need to do is enter the code Richard III in the Discount Codes coupon code box when you click on your shopping basket before proceeding to...
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